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Braedon Freeland

In 1973 the Halloween industry would be changed forever When Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA, hosted their very first Halloween Haunt event. Many years later, employees of the park known as “Street Monsters” developed a new scare tactic that involved sliding great distances across concrete or asphalt in order to surprise and scare the guests of the event. Today, Sliding has developed into an all year round activity and can be seen all over the globe. The Origin of sliding can be traced back to the streets of Ghost Town at Knott’s Berry Farm. In this film you will hear the stories of the Street Monsters who invented or who refined this skill into what it is today and also see what it takes to be a Street Monster at this event.


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Todd Stubbler - Bobby Albright - Jef Long - Alex Robles - Paul Frechette 

 Gary Salisbury - Scott Dieterman - Steve Pederson - Adam Jahan

Robert Kean - Jon Cooke - Eric Saunders - Gary Davis - Natalie Smeby

 Greg Daniels - Michael Beggs  - Chase McCullough And Peter Ross